Spice up your Life! With Tandoori Sizzle!

Tandoori Sizzle was born in 2010 from a passion for healthy indian food without compromising flavour or quality. Using only the freshest ingredients available, we strive to offer superior Indian food without using clarified butters or oils. The flavours and aromas at Tandoori Sizzle will please even the most discriminate of taste buds. Spice up your life at Tandoori Sizzle and taste what all the buzz is about!

What is a Tandoor?

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in Northern India in which food is cooked over a hot charcoal fire. Temperatures in a tandoor can approach 480°C (900°F). It is not uncommon for tandoor ovens to remain lit for long periods of time to maintain the high cooking temperature. All tandoori food is grilled on a charcoal at very high temperatures. Practically no fat is used in tandoori preparations.

The word tandoor comes from the Hindi words tandūr and tannūr; these derive from the Persian tanūr, which comes from the Arabic word tannūr, from which Turkish word Tandır (which has the same meaning as above) originates. It is used for cooking certain types of Indian food, such as tandoori chicken and bread varieties like tandoori roti and naan. (The word tandoori is the adjective form.) Some modern day tandoors use electricity or gas instead of charcoal.